The Engangement of Adam & Eameng

The Engangement of Adam & Eameng

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Engagement decoration, rustic jadi pilihan utama pasangan muda ini untuk dekorasi engagement mereka. See? The combination of nature colors and nature essentials are soo heartwarming! We can see the warm and love ambience arround them, right? Tips nya adalah, be yourself. Stand out. And believe 😊😊 thanks to amel

Acrylic hand written installation , everyone? Oh it’s a yess 😘😘 everyone love it, means everyone love my hand writing , thank youuuu ❤💋
Well, can you guess what is the tittle and the singer of the lyric I wrote on this media? You’d better read it carefully with the melody!
Clue nya adalah ed..

And look what she said:

“The most beautiful rustic decoration I’ve ever seen, terimakasih @nodewedding, udah wujudkan impian aku, pertama2 sedikit takut gak sesuai spt yang diinginkan tapi pas jadi, definitely above expectation! 😆 Very helpful, mau diajak kerjasama, maafin daku yang bawel ya hehe. You’re rock!”