About Us

Here is a little story about our company

Node Wedding is No.1 Rustic Decoration in Palembang

Node Wedding is recognized as Palembang wedding planner and wedding organizer service. We are here to ensure that your wedding in Palembang is truly the wedding of your dreams.

We have provided this website as a resource so that you can understand the type of events we plan and to give you a platform to get a feel  for the process.

Node Wedding Wedding also have a range of Palembang venue that we use in Palembang although we prefer to only use the best locations that will ensure your wedding in Palembang goes with a bang!  Naturally, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation at any time.

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We are #1 rustic decoration in town. Tell us what your wedding dream is, together we weill make it come true. 


We cater wedding catering and other particular event such as birthday, gathering, and so on. 

Wedding Planning

Our wedding planning service is top notch. You can compare it but you will never find one like us!